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Producer: YAESU


Yaesu FTM-400XDE C4FM/FM 144/430 MHz, Dual Band, 50 W Digital Transceiver

Equipped with advanced touch panel and full-color TFT large-scale display and a 66ch High Speed GPS. Buy the FTM-400XDE, you will get a € 50 cashback! DISCOVER MORE


Yaesu FTM-100DE C4FM/FM 144/430 MHz Dual Band Digital Transceiver

A Digital Mobile Transceiver for a New Age, with a Wide Variety of Mobile Operations Made Possible Through Advanced C4FM Technology.


Yaesu FT2DE Handheld Transceiver

Advanced C4FM Technology Opens up New Vistas for Amateur RadioThe New Style Handheld Transceiver FT2DE.


Yaesu HRI-200 Amateur Radio Internet Linking Kit

Convenient and easy-to-use digital function, advanced VoIP wireless WIRES-X.


Yaesu FTM-3200DE C4FM/FM 144 MHz - 65W Transceiver

Yaesu FTM-3200DE C4FM/FM, 144MHz, 65W Digital transceiver.


Yaesu DR-2XE 144/430 MHz Dual Band Dual Receive Heavy Duty C4FM/FM Digital Repeater

Yaesu DR-2XE 144/430 MHz Dual Band Dual Receive Heavy Duty C4FM/FM Digital Repeater. (NEW!!!)


Yaesu LAN Unit for DR-2XE

Yaesu LAN Unit (LAN-01A) for the Internet-linked Multi-site Repeater System (IMRS). Allows the repeater operator to link multiple repeaters over WAN oder LAN (NEW!!!)


Yaesu FT-70DE C4FM FDMA / FM 144/430 MHz Dual Band 5W Handheld Transceiver

The new FT-70DE is a compact and very attractively priced YAESU System Fusion transceiver providing both conventional analog FM operation and the advanced C4FM Digital mode. (NEW!!!)



Prod.Nbr.ProductPrice CHF
Price EUR
(rest of EU)
DR-2XEYAESU DR-2XE (-300€ cash back)*1099.-on request.-*
DR-2_LANLAN Unit for YAESU DR-2XE299.-on request.-*
FTM400XDEYAESU FTM-400XDE (-50€ cash back)545.-on request.-*
FTM100DEYAESU FTM-100DE (SONDERANGEBOT!!!)345.-on request.-*
FT2DE_promoYAESU FT-2DE + CD-41435.-on request.-*
HRI-200YAESU HRI-200115.-on request.-*
FTM3200YAESU FTM-3200229.-on request.-*
FT70DEYAESU FT-70DE195.-on request.-*

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*excl. 8% Swiss und Liechtenstein VAT and shipping fees
FREE shipment for orders over 1000.- CHF (CH only)