SDR ELAD Transceivers

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Producer: ELAD


ELAD FDM-DUO SDR Transceiver

ELAD FDM-DUO is a multi-use SDR tranceiver that offers the possibility to operate stand-alone like traditional radio or attached to a Personal Computer.


ELAD FDM-S2 SDR Receiver

ELAD FDM-S2 is a direct sampling receiver based on 122.88MHz 16bit single channel ADC converter covering HF 6m.


ELAD FDM-S1 SDR Receiver

ELAD FDM-S1 is an HF Direct Conversion receiver working with ADC at 61.44 MHz sampling frequency.


ELAD ASA-15 Active Antenna Splitter

The ASA-15 Splitter Amplifier has been designed to split the signal received from an antenna to up to five different receivers at the same time.


ELAD ASA-62 Antenna Splitter

ELAD ASA-62 antenna switch 6 input 2 output. Easy to use and compact antenna switch to split the incoming signal of four antennas to two receivers.