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Prod.Nbr.ProductPrice CHF
Price EUR
(rest of EU)
42873Adapter SMA-Stecker/N-Buchse6.-on request.-*
42874Adapter SMA-Stecker/PL-Buchse7.-on request.-*
42854Adapter SMA-Stecker/BNC-Buchse7.-on request.-*
40310.SM-SM_15Adapterkabel RG-316 SMA-Stecker/SMA-Stecker 15cm17.-on request.-*
40310.SM-SM_30Adapterkabel RG-316 SMA-Stecker/SMA-Stecker 30cm19.-on request.-*
40310.SM-NFAdapterkabel SMA-Stecker/N_Buchse 30cm19.-on request.-*
40311.SM-NFAdapterkabel H-155 SMA-Stecker/N-Buchse 30cm22.-on request.-*
40311.SM-BFAdapterkabel H-155 SMA-Stecker/BNC-Buchse 30cm22.-on request.-*
42031Adapter PL-Buchse / N-Stecker4.-on request.-*
42036Adapter PL-Stecker / BNC-Buchse3.-on request.-*
42037Adapter PL-Buchse / BNC-Stecker3.-on request.-*
42710Adapter Mini-UHF Stecker / PL-Buchse9.-on request.-*
1579321Adapter Mini-UHF Stecker / BNC-Buchse9.-on request.-*
1579444Adapter Mini-UHF Stecker / N-Buchse9.-on request.-*

incl. VAT, excl. shipping fees
*excl. 7,7% Swiss und Liechtenstein VAT and shipping fees
FREE shipment for orders over 1000.- CHF (CH only)